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Frequently Asked Questions

Roll Off Questions

How long do you get each roll off for?

You get it for up to two weeks, but you can extend it for $60/week.

How much weight can I put in my roll off?

Each roll off has a specific ton limit. If you go over we just pro rate $35/ton. (20yd is 2 tons, 30yd is 3 tons, 40yd is 4 tons)

Is there a way to walk into the roll off?

Each container has a door on one end. It can be opened for easy access.

What is not allowed in the roll off?

No liquid waste, toxic waste, hazardous materials, or rubber tires. We offer special accommodations for dirt, bricks, concrete, and roof shingles.

Front Load Questions

Do you have environmental surcharges or hidden fees?

We do not! We have a one time delivery fee and we have late fees if bills are not paid by the end of each month, but we do not have any hidden taxes or fees.

Do you offer locks?

We offer a lock-bar. You can either buy it outright or rent it. You attach your own lock to it and it will keep the dumpster locked until the truck picks it up to empty it.

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